Cantrips (level-0 spells)


Spells (School)

Sample Circumstance

Utility Spell

Drench (CONJ)

Read Magic (DIV)

Detect Magic (DIV)

Detect Poison (DIV)

Breeze (EVOC)

Dancing Lights (EVOC)

Light (EVOC)

Scoop (EVOC)

Spark (EVOC)

Ghost Sound (ILLU)

Mage Hand (TRAN)

Mending (TRAN)

Message (TRAN)

Open/Close (TRAN)

Arcane Mark (UNI)

Prestidigitation (UNI)

Put out a small fire

Read an arcane mark or spell rune

Identify a source of magic

Identify poison

Cause a breeze

Make lighting effects

Causes an object to cast light

Carry the ale to my cup

Start a fire

Make sound effects

Telekinesis 5 lbs or less.

Minor repair

Whisper a message to someone far away

Open or close a box

Mark a path, write magic spell

Perform a parlor trick, clean up a spill

Defensive Spell

Resistance (ABJ)

Daze (ENCH)

Flare (EVOC)

Penumbra (EVOC)

Haunted Fey Aspect (ILLU)

Root (TRAN)

Aid someone (+1 on saves)

Daze someone (prevent a move action)

Dazzle someone (-1 on attack roll)

Protect someone from blind, keeps in shadow

Make yourself frightful, DR/1 cold iron

Protect someone from being tripped

Offensive Spell

Acid Splash (CONJ)

Ray of Frost (EVOC)

Bleed (NEC)

Disrupt Undead (NEC)

Touch of Fatigue (NEC)

Jolt (TRAN)

Deal 1d3 acid damage

Deal 1d3 ice damage

Kill a dying creature

Deal 1d6 damage to undead

Fatigue target

Deal 1d3 electric damage